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Buying a new home? Four reasons to consider having it inspected by a licensed electrician

Are you buying a new home? Yay! Congratulations. It’s an exciting time. You are probably doing some inspections to make sure it’s perfect, but have you had it inspected by a licensed electrician?

It’s not always top of mind to have a new home inspected by a licensed electrician, but it should be. Buying a home is a big investment and electrical issues can be costly and even dangerous. Here are four reasons to have your home inspected by a licensed electrician. Read on:


A licensed electrician will be looking at many things, but one of the main areas is to make sure your home has plenty of outlets and that they are not damaged or defective, and that they are grounded. They’ll also make sure they are the right kind for the location of the home (bathroom, kitchen, basement, garage, appliances).


Sometimes, a home isn’t properly wired and that can cause issues. Some people DIY things like a hot tub or bathroom fan and that can be a safety issue. Circuits can be overloaded. It’s best to know these things up front so they can be fixed.


Sometimes, a home’s electrical service capacity isn’t up to snuff, meaning you should have some extra room to put on an addition or make other adjustments without needing to increase capacity.

Outdoor lighting

You might not think of it, but having a home with sufficient outdoor lighting can be a safety issue if your home isn’t properly lit. If you can’t see to safely enter your home, you might need extra lights or outlets. And think about the holidays or home projects. Do you have enough outlets to put up lights or plug in equipment?

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