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Virtual learning? Here’s why it’s time for residential IT support

With the global COVID-19 global pandemic still ongoing, it is looking like school children will be starting the new year – in many areas – via remote learning. And that means it’s time to consider residential IT support.

If your children will be doing remote (or virtual) schooling this year, residential IT support is something you should consider investing in. Why? There are many reasons. Read on:


Your children will likely be downloading educational apps, emailing peers and teachers and doing other tasks online, which could cause inadvertent breeches to your home’s network. No one wants a virus or other issue to cause an IT disaster but if you have IT support, it can help prevent or mitigate issues.

Support – residential IT support!

Let’s face it: Most parents aren’t great at tech support. Having IT support means you have an expert at your disposal who can help with technology: Hardware, security issues and software woes.

And that means your kids can keep on learning!


Your children will be doing lots of work at home and no one wants to see that data or effort lost. But do you have an adequate backup system in place? Residential IT support can help to ensure your valuable data is safe and secure should something happen.

And, it can help make sure you can recover your data quickly.


When remote learning is taking place, you can’t afford to have your network go down. Having residential IT support means you won’t have that worry because there will be experts on hand to troubleshoot and fix issues.

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If you’re your children will be starting the 2020-21 school year with virtual or remote learning, we can help you understand if residential IT support is a good fit for your family. We’d love to chat. Contact us today!