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Calling all small business owners: Three reasons why you need a powerful and reliable server

In this time when many people are working remotely, more than ever, small business owners need to thinking about a powerful and reliable server.

It’s more important now than it ever has been to not miss a second when you are a small business owner and having a powerful and reliable server is key to that success.

If you are considering a powerful and reliable server for your small business, here are three reasons you should do it now – and not wait.

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Your company’s size

If you have a growing company, you might already realize that you are outgrowing any free email or other storage options. And you probably rely on those kinds of services to run your business, so investing in a server so you can keep things humming along is a good investment.

Web-based email and storage options are good for small businesses, but if you are growing, switching to your own server (and an exchange-based email) will save you headaches in the long run.


If you have more than one employee who needs to access, save or input data, you might have already realized that you need a new option. Cloud-based storage might not give you the flexibility or security you need and if you are growing, you need to be able to adapt and scale.

Think about your databases and things like printers and applications. If you have multiple employees (and especially if they work remotely), it’s probably time to upgrade to a server.


Let’s face it: Security threats are real and if you have a remote workforce (or a growing company with employees using multiple devices to work), you need to make sure your data is locked down.

A server can help with that and it can help you manage your systems more efficiently. Don’t get hacked.


If you are ready to commit to a server for your small business, give us a call today. We’d love to meet you.